Saturday, July 7, 2012

our dream was our destiny

our lady of no fears
"we plan our lives according to a dream
that came to us in our childhood,
and we find that life alters our plans.
and yet, at the end, from a rare height,
 we also see that our dream was our fate.
 it's just that providence had other ideas
 as to how we would get there.
destiny plans a different route,
or turns the dream around, as if
 it were a riddle, and fulfills 
the dream in ways 
we couldn't have expected." 
-ben okri

in the shadows

it is fitting that this week i would be musing
on how i got here.
the week of my first solo gallery show
(opening at luxe 218 in indianapolis -
including these new pieces)
the week i turn 30.
blessings abound.
i get to do what i love.
i get to do what i've dreamed of as a child.
what i feel in my bones i am meant to be doing.
and i have the support of those that matter the most.
it hasn't always been like this.

from the child never parted
with her notebook and pen,
processing all the beauty and pain
ever and always on paper,
 who would tell her teachers (never her parents)
she wanted to be a writer who paints.
to doing the thing that is required
and expected
in preparing for real life.
to the move across continents,
architecture school,
years of working alone in a basement
on projects that were never to be built.
to unemployment, dabbling in this or that,
a dream reignited. encouragement.

 and here i am,
sweat, blood, tears, and lots of glue,
living my destiny dream.

what did you dream of as a child?
are you finding your way to that dream?
where does destiny have you today?

in a name


  1. Your posts almost always leave me teary eyed and this one is no different. The tears are those of understanding, of sharing a dream and that goes with it, of knowing how it all feels when it comes together...

    I knew at 8 yrs old when my grandmother taught me to crochet that I was meant to be an artist. It's been a world of fiber for me ever since.

    Bravo! on your solo show. Keeping my fingers crossed that you sell wouldn't that be wonderful!?! Happy 30th too! It is a big year for you. Enjoy every single second of it.

    1. so much wisdom in the knowing of an 8 year old. glad you did not let go of it!
      i will enjoy and do you proud! :)

  2. ...ha!! you always have your finger, right on the very heart of the matter ~
    yes, "our dream was our destiny"
    everything about us seeks it with all it's might to find it...
    sometimes we do ~* bliss *~
    and sometimes,
    well, sometimes we must keep searching...following that muse that takes us for all we are worth, believing in our dream ~ our destiny.

    YOU are truly living poetry! it shows in your lovely, artistic spaces (WOW!!) in you FANTASTIC pieces of art, and in your authentic words in motion on your blog

    BRAVO girl! YOU are and inspiration and the current happy moments are the universes way of telling you, welcome ~ it's going to be a good life:)
    happiest 30th birthday!!
    happiest 1st solo gallery show!
    it will certainly NOT be the last, your work is phenomenal!!

    biggest birthday squeezes and happiest wishes
    xo, Rosemary

    1. most welcome squeeze. feeling the love and getting a bit teary eyed.
      i hope you are enjoying the bliss and holding on to the dream.

  3. Congratulations on your show!! I'm so excited for you! i'm not sure I believe in destiny- I think we make our own by the choices we make. You've made the choice to follow your dream to your heart's desire, and have made that desire a reality. It doesn't get any better than that, does it? Happy birthday, and best wishes for a successful show! xox

    1. heard work and good choices are essential. and doesn't it feel like it was meant to be when that heart's desire becomes reality?
      most heartfelt welcome for the well wishes.

  4. Yes, congratulations on your work and your show and your 30th birthday anca...all markers on the path of your journey.

    I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.
    Vincent Van Gogh

    1. treasuring these markers indeed.
      thank you for being a wise and most delightful sage on this journey.

  5. Oh my dear Lady,

    Your quote is my favourite of all time, and it makes my heart swell to see you have had the courage and patience to live your dream, knowing that like all things your time will come.

    I am very happy for you.

    1. oh grrl, magnificent wavelength to hang out in together.
      a dance of joy is in order.

  6. Congratulations on your show Anca - and best wishes for much success with it. Life has many markers, many turning points along the way, and milestones like 30 are worth a pause and reflection back - and then forward. Go well.

    1. pause, reflection, gratitude and much joy at as many markers as i can muster acknowledgement for.
      wishing the same for your journey.

  7. Your thirtieth birthday and your first solo show are a milestone to remember and cherish. You must be feeling giddy. Every day is a launching platform for an artist and you are doing so, so well. May your show be a success! And a very Happy Birthday (even though belated...)

    1. every day is a launching platform. i love that!
      let's giggle, hold hands, and cannon-ball into the glory that is today!
      thank you!

  8. thank you, thank you for this post. it touches more than one spot in me.
    presently working with the concept land of dreams.
    as to you congratulations on your show. may it be all you've dreamed of.

    1. thank you, dear!
      i'd love a visit and perhaps sitting down for a coup for tea in your land of dreams!

  9. Congratulations on your show, your thirtieth birthday, and for following your dreams, dear Anca! May your dreams continue to lead you along your path of life. xo