Friday, July 20, 2012

getting to know alice fox

rust. tea. stitching. soft earthy tones. natural materials.
delicate and decisive work.
sensitivity and restraint.
texture heaven.
meet the wonderful alice fox,
a uk artist working in mixed media. 
i am thrilled to introduce her,
as she graciously shares with us her work,
inspiration, and creative process.

some things you love:
pottering in my garden; eating things I’ve grown; 
the feel of my children’s hands in mine; 
making music with others; wind in my hair; 
dirty feet from having them bare all day; 
an open fire; being read to in bed; 
the smells of the seasons…

some things you love about yourself 
(go ahead, brag a little):
leading a full and stimulating life

what you're working on at the moment:
my residency exhibition in the old lighthouse 
at Spurn Point.  It’s a really challenging 
space and I’m excited and scared 
by it in equal measure.

where do you draw inspiration from?
the detail of the natural world; 
the way material is sorted by wind and water; 
macro and micro landscapes.

what is your creativity nemesis?
feeling the need to deal with paper work   
in order to clear the way for the creative stuff… 
it’s difficult to switch off 
from the list of things that should be done.

and your most effective weapon against it?
keeping to a routine and assigning time for each.

something you've learned the hard way:
you can’t always count on support 
from those you hoped it would come from.

would you please recommend a book?
The Wild Places, Robert Macfarlane

favorite natural food to snack on:
anything picked straight off the plant

when i say feminine you say...

something you need to do less of:
sit in front of my computer

something you need to do more of:

your perfect day:
walking, drawing, singing

 thank you, alice for giving us a glimpse 
into your inspiring path!
for more of alice's work, studio, 
process & inspiration, please stop by her website.


  1. Great interview! Fabulous work by Alice! off to her website......... thanks.

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Thank you Anca and Alice! Such beautiful rich work. I love the tones, the textures and the presentation. It is always enjoyable to hear about another artist's process.

  4. I was already an Alice fan - now an even bigger one. Really enjoyed this post Anca - wonderful questions to show the artistic soul of Alice. Really lovely to have the chance to 'know' Alice a little better. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for sharing Alice Fox with us.. she fits my aesthetic perfectly.. subdued, textured, minimal... very lovely down to earth work.. and so are her answers to your wonderful questions.

  6. Dear Anca, it is so wonderful to discover your blog and not only your world but the art of Alice Fox. thank you so much...