Thursday, March 1, 2012

magic in a cast iron skillet

thrilled and terrified
for the first
full day
in the studio
in over a month.

but first,
can't work on an empty stomach.

this is magic
in a cast iron skillet.
2 minutes of work
+ 5 ingredients
(you already have in your kitchen)
= fluffy delicious goodness

i highly recommend
that you spend
the 20 minutes it takes to cook
sitting in quiet
(we don't do this enough!)
the only recipe i know
by heart:
3 room temperature eggs
3/4C milk
3/4C flour
2T sugar
2T butter
beat together & pour
 in cast iron skillet 
(preheated with another 2T butter)
20min at 400ºF

eat right away with
a sprinkle of powdered sugar 
& squeeze of lemon

or figs
cooked down
with sugar & a splash of liquor
and chunks of brie

or anything you like really,
this baby is extremely versatile.
i've been meaning to try
a savory version.

now back to my book
with the sandpaper
i go.
(testing new method for finding poetry.
will show you soon.)

happy spring, friends!


  1. this looks divine!! and figs and brie??? oh my... *sigh* that looks like something i'd actually eat for breakfast... not my favourite meal of the day - i just force down some cereal, usually...
    can't wait to see what magic you worked in your new studio...
    much love xxx

    1. 'force down'?
      oh, claire! i hope
      someday you will be able to
      enjoy breakfast
      as the treat that it is!
      new work coming soon.
      i can't wait to share!

  2. I love how you find the visual poetry even in your kitchen.. and the meditation too.. delicious visual poetry.

    1. if only it came as easy
      in all of life
      as it does
      in the kitchen!
      perhaps i have
      a poetic stomach :)

  3. Oh Anca....this looks divine! By the time I'm getting caught up on blog reading after a weekend away, your blessed day in the studio has come and gone but hope it was wonderful. Thanks for the tempting to stop what I'm doing and go make it right now....but will try it soon for sure! Happy sanding!

    1. oh, i know!
      i am always behind.
      perhaps someday
      time will be my friend.

      do try it! delicious simple comfort!