Friday, June 28, 2013

poetic therapy

'healing with words' mixed media on canvas 11"x14"

 tired? worn out? in pain?
lost? hopeless?
just a bit confused?
need a break?

 things that heal:
lighting a candle
listening to the music of the rain
the warmth of another
writing it down
a cup of tea (with honey and lemon for extra points)
morning sunshine
water (drink it in, immerse yourself in it,
jump in the puddles)
time with your lovely self - intentional
playing in the studio - no purpose, just fun
that juicy piece of fruit
a piano and cello playing together
getting your hands dirty
giving without expecting anything in return
a good stretch
walking barefoot in the grass
the smell of camp fire in your hair
a glass of red wine
kisses - lots of kisses
a good cry
a good laugh

 quite exhausted 
after an intense week of work on the house.
we made room for the baby,
organized and cleaned everything in sight,
and are now ready to open our home
for lots of visiting friends
for a whole week.
a reminder of the things that
refresh and restore
is in order.
amongst these,
developing a new daily art practice,
loads of stitching,
playing with small abstracts,
finding poetry.

have a wonderful weekend, friends!

'give up' -daily poetry

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'words to fall' -daily poetry


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Wow! I just stumbled over your blog and I must say; I love your work! And just today I felt awefull, but your words just lifted me up. Thank you for sharing!
    Have a great sunday - Irma

  3. i like everything i see and read.

  4. Lovely, a calm oasis. I particularly like the holes.

  5. Good advice, lovely artwork, as always. Xo

    Ciao Bella

  6. Beautiful work Anca, each time I look at your art it affects me differently!