Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a room for evelyn

 finding inspiration 
for a fresh dreamy space
for my sweet girl.
the title of this book
(by catherynne valente)
sums it up pretty well:
"the girl who circumnavigated fairyland
in a ship of her own making"

there will be whimsy,
adventures, magic, cute critters,
warrior princess spunk,
and wonderful new worlds to explore. star cloud mobile by baby jives co
2.hedgehog cutie by glad o art
3.paper mâché wolf by abigail brown
4.vintage vanity set at sadie olive
5.victorious print by the black spot books
6.little red mobile at acorn toy shop
7.vintage mirror and brush set at bluey loves cocoa
8.driftwood boat by yalos
9.mountain range cushions by acordion apparel
10.vintage marble globe at harmonicajane
11.white felt deer by two sad donkeys
12.falling star collage by sushipot
13.felted pillow sheepscape by dellalana
14.moon engraving astronomy print by the curators print
15.searching from neverland print by esther from the sticks france antique map print at maps and posters


  1. writing this comment with misty eyes

  2. What a charmed and enchanting life your Emily is going to have. Oh! To have such a room...even at my rusty old age of 53...would be heavenly.

  3. I love the words and images you have chosen for evelyn. Especailly "the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making"

  4. OH! I want ALL of the ABOVE! Such wondrous whimsical creativity from all of those amazing artists!
    Teresa in California