Friday, June 29, 2012

clean studio. dirty hands.

 clean studio+
dirty hands
new work

simple math
i can understand.

the way to clear my head
and gear up for work
is to first clear my space.
works every time.

counted amongst warriors
 a successful week with almost a new piece
worked out every day.
some i loved,
some that drove me crazy.
and an epic one in the works,
build straight onto the vintage framed canvas
with lots of little tasty found bits.
even the weather conspires to help.
dark & stormy
with looming thunder
and the music of the rain
splashing against my windows.

'there must be those amongst whom
we can sit down and weep
and still be counted as warriors.'
-adrienne rich

a lovely weekend to you,
my warrior friends!


  1. I totally hear ya! Before I settle down to stuido work, a good clean up is essential. Love these :)

  2. Beautiful work, incredible room. Love :)

  3. gorgeous. both the work and the space.
    there's almost nothing more poetic than dirty hands.

  4. hi Anca, it's nice to catchup with your blog. Boy, have you been busy! I'm so impressed with everything you've done; every piece is just beautiful. I know what you mean about cleaning the studio- with me there seems to be a tipping point where the mess becomes a deterrent to the work, and after a good cleaning, I'm ready to go on with renewed energy and focus. it's a bit like cleaning your brain, don't you think? (Though I wish I could do that to a much greater degree!)

  5. My studio needs a thorough cleaning after all the math that's been happening in there. I llook at the photos of yours and yearn to sit in such a peaceful, elegant space. Your new work...well...they leave me breathless.

  6. Dear Anca, it all looks beautiful. You might want to find a new pedicurist though! ha ha! That photo sure captured the black. Enjoy you clean studio while you work. Happy weekend to you. Carole xo

  7. beautiful, simply beautiful....who wouldn't feel inspired in such a space.

  8. I love that sense of calm that emerges when the studio is cleaned - and in a way cleansed. It make everything possible again. I also love just getting my hands dirty - for therein lies the secret to creating! Looks like you had a wonderful week - hope your weekend was lovely as well.

  9. I too must clean my studio... yours looks lovely, peaceful and full of energy. And oh such beautiful, beautiful work.

  10. hands at work. what a lovely thought!

  11. so now you are back at work... my studio gets pretty messed up when I am working.. so I also clean it from time to time... soon to be messed up again.. which I take as a good sign.. means I am working. dirty hands is another sign...

  12. thank you, friends, for visiting, lingering, and relating on the practicality of a clean space and poetics of dirty hands. thank you for the encouraging words, the kindness, and all the love that builds up.

  13. I am so with you on the clean work space. I am a messy worker though, so every so often I need to stop and clean up. You are so right that it clears the head (and the heart).

    love your space and the work hanging it. love your simple seren aesthetic.

  14. really love the BLACK HAND photo. A great image. And yes, nothing like an ordered, clean studio. Now you can get in and make a mess ........