Sunday, March 11, 2012

renovations: inside and out

it will always be a work in progress.
as am i.

so i procrastinate.
i get fired up.
i cry and laugh
perhaps at the same time.

i cry some more.
i sand plastered walls
until 3 in the morning
i stare at the canvas
until i forget my name.
i mix up my verbs:
my to dos
my to bes

i ravish time
when it offers himself up to me.
and not in a sexy way.
 i beat against his chest
with bleeding knuckles
dreading his sweet breath
on my bare shoulder
because it reminds me
of his existence.

i forget things.
to be kind.
the keys.
the sound of my own voice.

i remember
to take off my shoes
when i step on holy ground.
to weep with joy
over so reckless an abundance
of grace:

our old doors and beams
finding new life
in a bench for the studio.
whiskey and cigars on our patio.
warm breeze through
the flung open doors.
a favorite professor
as my new neighbor.
friends stopping by 
a lovely housewarming gift
arrived in the mail
from the dearest of souls.

the relentless tenderness
of time,
who keeps on loving me,
bloody knuckles
and all.


  1. an exciting and daunting place to be in, I envy you!

    1. i wish i could share the struggle
      as well as the joys!

  2. Oh my. What a time you're having.
    And what a way with words!
    I'm swooning too...and quite speechless.
    Relish the time, the bloody knuckles,
    the finishing of it all will come soon enough
    and you can enjoy your studio.
    Thanks for taking us with you.

    1. thank you for coming along.
      this wonderful fellowship
      makes the journey
      that much more delightful!

  3. Beautiful, in those precious moments!!

    1. thank you, patti!
      i will keep on learning how to be.

  4. thank you for the opening of words and oh my what an adventure!!

  5. what a wonderful poem... the relentless passage of time... as Zen readings would in the moment because the passage of time is inevitable.. can't stop it or change it.

  6. oh, the delightful and impossible zen teachings!
    i believe there is hope,
    even for me.

  7. I like that whiskey and cigar bit.

  8. I taste the deliciousness of your life!

  9. i remember
    to take off my shoes
    when i step on holy ground.
    to weep with joy
    over so reckless an abundance
    of grace:

    .... your words make me buckle at the knees. I'm writing these up in my quote/poem book.