Tuesday, January 24, 2012

virtual tea tuesday: always poetry

pear caramel black tea.
fresh citrus aroma opens up my morning. 
comfort in a heavy mug.  present from a dear friend who is far away. 
ancient + modern home inspiration.
we are so close!  only a month away.
a month of hearty hands on work. 
we get to make this boarded up foreclosed property into
our home.
our sanctuary.
a space for art and music and laughter.
a space for quiet contemplation.
for basking in the morning light and listening to the afternoon rain.
for being.
a space for good food.
a space where the tea kettle is always on.
and the door always open.
ever open to friends old and new.
our home.
and there will always be

'for as long as i can remember.'


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, carole! wishing you beauty, poetry and exceeding grace this tuesday afternoon!

  2. ..and I bet your home will be gorgeous, nothing better than opening your own front door and shouting; 'honey, I'm home!'

    1. yes! that makes me smile silly wide.

      kate, i must mention i have been inspired by your photos of your open home studio. delightful! i've been back and forth on wall colors and because of you i decided to go with gray. :)

  3. As a lover of tea.. and poetry.. I love how you put words together.. very poetic feeling to the way you write.. it seems to inform your aesthetics and I am sure it will be very present in your new home.

    1. donna, i am in good company here. thank you for the well wishes and kind words!

  4. ah, many blessings in your new home. this is something I long for and have not had at 66. I am too old I think to redo a foreclosure. But i can enjoy the beauty of yours.

    1. suki, remember that youth is a state of mind and an attitude of the heart. it is never too late. we were blessed to get a great deal and have my handy parents help with the fixing up. you are always welcomed to visit!

  5. tea and poetry. e.e. cummings and life.
    happy wishes for your new home

  6. yes... always poetry... bless you for reminding me :)

  7. What a way you have...with words...still life photos and art.
    Wishing you the best with your new home. How exciting!

  8. perfectly lovely...

    xox - eb.

  9. thank you all for the visit, the kind words and the well wishes.

    wishing you a lovely wednesday, overflowing with joy and creativity!

  10. What a gift to the universe to take a boarded up place and make it a lovely home, with friends and tea and poetry. What is the title of the book you are looking at over tea?

  11. oh, leslie, you are so wonderfully encouraging! a gift to the universe. :)

    the book, titled 'ancient + modern' is written by cynthia inions and beautifully photographed by simon upton. it is overflowing with poetic interiors, blending antique furnishings and spaces with clean simple modern sensibilities.