Monday, August 26, 2013

july. part 2.

 countdown to eternity & waiting on forever.  a diptych.

a month's worth of work.  a pictorial.

anchor for my wondering soul 12"x24"

lost and found 20"x30"

all the king's men  18"x30"

love story 12"x24" custom piece

on fire  32"x24"  custom piece

more daily poetry

 “may my mind come alive today
to the invisible geography
that invites me to new frontiers,
to break the dead shell of yesterdays,
to risk being disturbed and changed.”

— john o’donohue, from “a morning offering"

all the secrets to the universe 24"x12" diptych


  1. Again my dear Anca, you have been nesting, even in your art. Poetic titles for each of you pieces. Take care. xo Carole

    1. thank you for stopping by, carole! glad you like the titles. poetry inspires me.
      a lovely day to you!

  2. A stunning body of work - and I can hardly believe you have time or energy as the date nears! Thanks for continuing to create and add beauty to this world.

    1. thank you for the encouraging note, fiona! i can only attribute this burst of energy to some miraculous pregnancy hormone. i don't think i've ever been this focused and energized in my life. just feeling grateful and enjoying the process.

  3. I've been looking out for part 2, anca...
    I've favourite several of your new pieces (I esp. love All the King's Men!)

    Also, can I possibly borrow the Donohue quote for my Saturday post? The photo prompt this week is Growth and Change, and I've been looking for an appropriate quote...
    Of course, I'll direct folk to your blog :)

    Blessings x

    1. how lovely to have you stop by, claire! thank you for your continued support!

      please go ahead and use the quote. glad it resonated with you!
      all the best!

  4. Thanks so much, Anca, I used it to end today's post :)

  5. My goodness you have been busy... so many wonderful art works completed in one month.. as well as your beautiful nursery.

  6. Kindred. That's what we are. LOVE your work. So thrilled to be part of Seth's book with you.

  7. There is something compelling about your images...they really engage me.

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog, Anca - it means such a lot!! I'm slowly getting stuff put on the pages, so whenever Evelyn has a nap, and you have a few minutes, do drop by - I so value your insight...
    Blessings and hugs xxx