Thursday, May 30, 2013

market days

 lovely market days.
for the last time before baby comes,
i got to have a booth
at the wonderful randolph street market
in chicago.

the weekend flew by
as i ogled gorgeous antiques,
met beautiful people,
and talked about art.

with preparations for the market,
live music,
and road trip shenanigans,
may is taking off.

now june.
officially 3rd trimester.
time to fully anticipate
the arrival of our sweet evelyn.
on to the joys
of preparing an inspiring space
to welcome her in.

 i leave you with
a glimpse at my newest large abstract.
and details.

love your life today!

"making a life"


  1. Thank you for your inspiring post and photos of your artwork!

  2. Always wonderful to see all your pieces together! Loving the new piece - esp. the sewing patterns and the stitch marks :)
    Sending you and your sweet baby warmest blessings, may you both continue to grow and blossom :)
    Much love xxx

    1. claire! you've been missed! i am quite obsessed with transparency and stitching these days.
      thank you for the wishes! we are growing and enjoying every moment of it. we are also seriously considering claire for a middle name. ;)

  3. Lovely to see your work in this post. I especially love the close ups. Such details intrigue me.
    May your preparations be full of joy and anticipation. xo Carole

    1. joy and anticipation are the themes of this season, carole! thank you for the wishes and loveliness!

  4. How lovely to see your amazing creations together in this lovely booth. I love both the images of them all together as well as the close up details. I love your colour palette.
    And how exciting a time you are entering. Enjoy the preparation time!

  5. Just discovered your art via A little stunned. I feel like stopping making collages for a while, because there are so many here I wish I'd made! (no, I'll get over this, and simply hope to absorb some lessons by looking.) Best wishes for your new daughter, and thank you for the things you've made.