Saturday, June 9, 2012

wrapped in rainbows

 "i have been in sorrow's kitchen and licked out all the pots. 
then i have stood on the peaky mountain 
wrapped in rainbows, 
with a harp and sword in my hands."
- zora neale hurston

 a new girl.
and fragrant late spring as
neighboring linden trees explode
with lime blossoms -
so sweet and green
they make the most soothing
tea liquor.
much needed sips of sanity
in the middle of a delightfully full house.
friends from all over the world
crashing in the spare room
and the couch
and on the studio floor
as we prepare
for our dear friends' wedding feast.
insanity of the most
wonderful kind.

excuse my absence from e-space,
until the joy-filled chaos
 lime blossom tea-scented kisses
and a lovely weekend to you,
my friends!


  1. ahh! now i know why you've been absent from e-land...
    enjoy the pleasures of friends and home, and i look forward to chatting when you have more time :)
    of course, i absolutely adore this new piece - she and i feel connected by more than our names...
    much love xxx

    1. as ever, you are an inspiration and it was an honor to name her by you. sorry for being out of touch. i hope to catch up soon.
      loads of love and a full pot of tea!

  2. such a wonderful painting, really drew me in.
    i have never been around a linden tree, but love the scent in soaps... someday i will meet a linden blossom, in person.

    wishing you a lovely time~

    1. thank you for visiting, tammie! and what a wonderful photographer you are! i was glad to discover your work.
      linden trees are magical in june.

      a lovely day to you!