Friday, May 11, 2012

a sea of egg shells. an unfinished poem.

'went to bed with an unfinished poem
in my mouth
and could not kiss.'
-vera pavlova

this is what happens
when i have work in progress.

 taking a break from the egg shells
to work on this new piece. 
a thrifted framed canvas. 
bathed in layers of white.
texture hinting at original painting 
beneath. the minimalist in me
wants to leave it at that.
pure. simple.
pages from the journal
of a week without a tea pot
beg to join in.
the architect in me
wants to leave it at that.

what happens next?


  1. this eggshell piece just knocks me out! so gorgeous and also the last piece - just gorgeous!

  2. of fragility creating something of such strong beauty..

    1. ideally, a contrasting of fragility and strength. thank you!

  3. There is something so pure about egg shells... from nature... and recreated into a work of art. I have the 'minimal' in me too.. it takes courage to keep it minimal I think.

  4. just gorgeous this "sea of egg shells"
    congrats and greetings from Spain

    1. enchanted by your visit, elena. i just stopped by your lovely blog and am loving your photography! the burn marks just kill me. i just so happen to play with fire in the past week as well.

  5. Who knew that egg shells could be so beautiful? Your work is fabulous.

  6. Hi, your eggshell work is amazing!!