Friday, May 25, 2012

getting to know francine turk

 it is my honor, and slightly giddy pleasure to introduce to you the lovely francine turk. francine is a prolific chicago artist whose sigh-inducing mixed media work is being revered all over the world, featured in blockbuster movies and my beautifully hunted dreams.

emotive figures, wondering thoughts captured in feathery script,
grave rubbings and a whole lot of history inhabit
francine's work with grace and raw feminine power.

i hope you enjoy getting to know the inspiring woman and artist
a bit deeper with this interview. 

things you love: 
my german shepard,
buehrle (named after mark buehrle, white
sox pitcher). baseball, food, books, matisse
paintings, the color fuchsia, leather pants,
cocktails with friends, live music, black and
white photography, fresh flowers, bubble
baths, my bed, traveling, interior design,
textiles, furniture, fashion, paris, NYC, LA
and the list goes on and on…

things you love about yourself (go ahead,
brag a little):
i am forever trying to become
the best person i can be. i am resilient. i
love my creativity and my ability to express

what are you working on at the moment:
a new series inspired by high fashion and
urban graffiti

what inspires you: 
everything. LIFE. i get
crazy inspired when i travel. the feeling i
get when i’m in a place for the first time.
i am a very visual person so i am inspired
when i look at books, blogs, art, fashion,
magazines and all visual materials.

something you've learned the hard way:
there are no short cuts. hard work and
determination always pay off.

would you please recommend a book: 
to kill a mockingbird (harper lee) is my very
favorite book ever. i read it every year.

favorite natural food to snack on:

when i say feminine you say…
grace kelly

something you need to do less of:

something you need to do more of:

your perfect day:
everyday that I’m alive
and healthy is a perfect day.

thank you, francine for kindly sharing your life, energy and creativity with us!

for more of francine's work, please visit her website at

images via used with francine's permission.

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