Tuesday, April 24, 2012

goings on in the studio

 beginnings of art prize piece. clearly
more egg shells are necessary.
omelet anyone?

 progress on 'irrational season' piece.
at least i hope it's progress.
hard to tell sometimes.
finally pleased with where this one's at. it took
a week of staring to figure out
what was needed.

mixed responses to this piece
make me wonder.
i fight fiercely
against the objectification of women.
is it possible
for my work to be interpreted
i would love your input!


  1. if too many eggs make macs (macarons):)
    remember when macs were just computers ?

    1. hehe. yes, please.
      i'll take the smiles
      and macarons.

  2. Hello again Anca - really love the egg shell piece for the art prize - it works incredibly well. Will watch out for an image of the completed piece.

    1. thank you, susan. it'll be as many hours of work as i can fit in
      between now and monday.

  3. 'Irrational Season' is already amazing work!! wow!

    1. i can never be sure. thank you for kindly encouraging!

  4. "Irrational Season" is a great work Anca!
    Excited to see what you will do with the eggshells!

    I was a teen in the late 60s and early 70s while feminist artists were fighting to get their artwork in the galleries. They claimed, rightly so, the only way a woman could get "into" the galleries was to be naked. Times have changed. The big galleries are showing female artists works but it's still a male dominated arena. I don't know if that is the sort of input you asked for but it's the reason I don't do female nudes to show or sell.

    1. thank you for the precious insight, carole.
      i do so hate how beautiful things get corrupted
      in our world. still, i search for a way to
      celebrate these beautiful things (finding
      strength through vulnerability) in powerful contrast
      to the exploitative marketing saturated world,
      and not succumbing to it.

  5. yes, anca, you did indeed spy a tub of modge podge - it arrived the other day :) it's how i stuck on the VW sketch on the card, though i don't know if i can/should seal the sketch with it - i don't want to smudge it...
    your art prize is stunning - already!
    'irrational season' is achingly beautiful...
    and oh my, the nude...
    personally i cannot 'see' the 'objectification of women' in art - the human form (female and male) is simply beautiful regardless of shape, size, colour, if it is drawn/painted/sculpted sensitively and sympathically (i personally can't see the beauty in, say, francis bacon's work - it gives me nightmares! - but i'm sure others can)...
    and i totally appreciate carole's reasons for not 'doing' nudes - maybe if i'd been a teenager in the 60s, i'd feel the same way...
    sorry - i've rambled on...

    1. oh, please, dearest, keep the ramblings coming.
      in my experience, mod podge top coats don't tend to smudge markings underneath, but if it's a soft charcoal it might. perhaps run a test first?
      i cling to your hope filled views on nudes in art. we can redeem the mess that's been made of the world still.

  6. i adore your egg shell mixed media piece! your vision steps so far outside the box that it almost feels like being "home" again, if that makes sense.

    as for the nude, i have to agree with claire. the human form is beautiful in all of its guises. there is spirit in your piece. sensitivity. joy.

    not that any of my thoughts on the piece are of any consequence. ultimately, we must manifest our art for ourselves. if we worry too much about what others think and begin to allow their opinions to shift our vision, we may as well start creating "art" to coordinate with couches!

    1. i am pleased you joined the conversation, joe!
      your input is much welcomed.
      you speak truth: we must create the art
      that beckons us to bring it to life.
      i also believe that viewer response
      is essential in completing the work.

  7. I also do not see that celebrating beautiful bodies is the objectification of women, particularly as a woman you are creating something that is central to your being; these are our forms, the vessels we live within. You felt an urge to make this work, you must respond to that urge with honesty. Anca, you did so and showed us a beautiful piece!

    1. we must indeed serve the work.
      and how the work speaks to us
      and how it speaks to others
      may be quite different.
      i am always curious about
      that difference.

  8. This is a fabulous piece anca! Can't wait to see it again, further down the road. Egg shells - go out to breakfast, take a few containers. Ask the cooks to drop the egg shells in them. Once your breakfast is done you will get a life time supply!

    1. done and done. i now live just a block from the restaurant i used to work at. and they do brunch. :)

    2. Looks like you made quite a haul on those egg shells!

  9. Beautiful images, beautiful words, beautiful creations. I also agree the human form is beautiful, and that she looks beautiful in your piece. I can understand the issue, and will always be sensitive to it, but your piece is too beautiful not to create it.