Tuesday, January 10, 2012

virtual tea tuesday

i like a slow start to my day.  tea.  reading.  journaling.  quiet time with myself.
solitude.  meditation.  spacing out.  whatever you choose to call it, it is needed. 

jotting down ideas is also needed.  the easiest way to declutter a busy mind.

today, what seemed necessary was writing down the big things on the horizon for 2012.

     feb - signing the closing contract.  renovations to the house. 
             moving in.  setting up the new studio.
           - trip to L.A.
     mar - inspiration corporation art auction
     apr - submit entry to art prize in grand rapids
     may - randolph street market
     jun - trip to kentucky
     jul - indianapolis solo exhibit
          - turning 30
     aug & sep - randolph street market
     oct - art prize/ grand rapids

lovely and exciting as these plans may be, i realize i can't count on them materializing.  i can not  take tomorrow for granted.  all i have is today.  here & now.

i need to focus on one day at a time.  and this is what i want for today:

     1.  to make art
every day i sit down with a blank canvas and create something new is a successful day. 
every day i sit down with a time-worn book page, and slash and slash ruthlessly at words until poetry emerges is a successful day.
to be creative in my decision-making counts as well.  so does creative use of resources.

     2.  to be extravagantly,  un-strategically generous
i do believe we live in a world of abundance.  there is plenty to go around if we are only willing to share.  i tend to try and arrange for myself a lot, to scheme, to grasp, to hold on tightly.  the antidote is giving away, rather than letting go.  i am not just referring to material things.  more to give: my time, understanding, grace, a listening ear, respect, little acts of service, great acts of service, the right to be right, the need to control, words of encouragement, hugs, the gift of presence.  and to let go of the expectation for gratitude.  if we all put that kind of a generous spirit into action, it would turn the world right side up.

    3.  to surf the waves of grace
i get discouraged on a regular basis.  if i've gotten three quarters through my impossible to do list for the day, i feel a failure.  perhaps i demand too much of myself.  regardless, i get quite bogged down with all the things i want to accomplish that i don't and all that i want to be that i am not.  i recently discovered a hope-filled perspective on grace from john ortberg.  he says "the good news about surfing is this: if you miss one wave, if you fall off, if you wipe out, there's another wave coming right behind it.  god just keeps sending them."  we never run out of waves.  so, no more letting fear of failure bully me. i will just try to catch the next wave.

recap.  to do today: make art, give generously, accept grace.  tomorrow, if i'm lucky enough to get one, repeat.  and so on. 

how about you?  what are your big plans for the year?  how about the essentials for today?


  1. I find that my todo list for one day - be it work, or art life, takes a week. And I do usually get through it in a week. I have to take into account the things that show up and need attention, and I don't remember to add that to the list.
    I am enjoying your new blog. I especially love your photographs.

  2. I found your blog and site today via another artist's tumblr and just had to tell you how much I love your beautiful images and thoughts. Overall, your site is lovely...

    Also, I have a specific question about a piece in your gallery with the St. Julian of Norwich quote (one of my favorites), "All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well." Is that piece for sale?

    Hop over to my rather neglected and underdeveloped blog and take a peek. It might not be obvious by the little that is shown, but I think we may be somewhat artistically kindred spirits -- in some capacities anyway...

  3. I enjoy your new blog, just like your tumblr Anca!
    best Ralf

  4. Oh I´m so happy that you commented at Vibekes site so I can now visit your magical place...i didn´t know that you had a blog...i add you directly to my favorites...
    Thank you for your beautiful work and inspiration!

  5. leslie, how do you feel about that? do we need a more realistic list? more flexibility on timeline? rethinking list-making altogether? pleased you are enjoying the blog.

    helen, thank you for stopping by, kindred spririt! cheers to the love of words! the julian of norwich piece is sold. please email me if you would be interested in a custom piece featuring those words.

    ralph, yay! :) thank you for the inspiration!

    magdalena, it is still in its infancy and i am honored you took note. your photography melts my heart.

  6. I get too overwhelmed by a daily to-do list and so I now make a weekly one. I divide the page into 2 with urgent on one side and non-urgent on the other. I find I can get through more that way and the non-urgents can get carried over to the next week if need be.
    Great blog, Anca!

    1. what a lovely strategy, suzie! thank you for sharing! i will give this one a try!

  7. "We never run out of waves."

    Yes. This. Always this. (It's a good thing to remember.)

    I'm another newbie to this site and have beenm reading through your posts as snow falls here in the middle of the night. What a delightful pleasure to discover your words and images. Cheers!

  8. i welcome you, donna q, being a newbie to the blog world myself.

    wishing you warmth in the middle of a frozen world!

  9. Starting my days with quiet time to myself is a luxury I shall never willingly give up!
    Tea, journaling, reading my favourite blogs.....what a treasure.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina