Tuesday, December 4, 2012

simplicity and possibility

which is conceptually liable 
to be mistaken for sheer nothingness 
is in fact 
the reservoir of 
infinite possibilities.

- d.t. suzuki 

'nothing to lose'. mixed media with quote by pablo neruda.

i've taken to
these gray days.

finding life in simple things:
the pouring of tea,
the richness of silence,
the light in the studio,
the mystery in the blank canvas.


'on longing.'  mixed media on canvas board. 24"x20".

for artists,
like the rest of us,
sooner or later notice
that the power of longing
is more durable than
the thrill of possession.

- francine prose


  1. Oh my it's been wonderful to catch up with you on your blog! It's very calming to see your beautiful work and to read your words. Thank you, Anca. You make a very cute blonde!

    1. you nailed it! calming is the key word for this season for me. which also includes less internet and less catching up with all you beautiful artists on here. but a day for that will return in time. :)

  2. the quotes you share
    the thoughts you express
    the simplicity of your art
    the portrait of you

    all touch my heart
    perfect, like breathing

    1. 'perfect, like breathing'. what a solemn and beautiful bit of truth you've delivered in such a minimalist package. i will remember that.

  3. lovely choice of words and images. thank you

  4. It's my 4th or 5th visit and I am still incapable of commenting intelligently. One day...until then, this piece is exquisite.

  5. What more can we want than simplicity and possibility? Beautifully captured thought and images...thank you

  6. Your words and images are so entrancing.. thoughtful words and exquisite images... I too understand that emptiness is filled with possibilities.

  7. So happy to have stopped by....love your blog.
    There is such a beautiful and peaceful serenity in your work, Anca! And the words you choose to use are thought provoking and oh so very complimentary to your style! I absolutley adore you.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina