Saturday, May 19, 2012

playing with fire

'you will hear thunder and remember me,
and think: she wanted storms. the rim
of the sky will be the color of hard crimson,
and your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.'
- anna akhmatova

a longing.

silence & incense;
the murmur of tea
being poured
into clay bowls,
almost a prayer.
the smoke. the vapor.


  1. May the light of your soul guide you.
    May the light of your soul bless the work
    You do with the secret love and warmth of your heart.
    May you see in what you do the beauty of your own soul.
    May the sacredness of your work bring healing, light and renewal to those
    Who work with you and to those who see and receive your work.
    May your work never weary you.
    May it release within you wellsprings of refreshment, inspiration and excitement.
    May you be present in what you do.
    May you never become lost in the bland absences.
    May the day never burden you.
    May dawn find you awake and alert, approaching your new day with dreams,
    Possibilities and promises.
    May evening find you gracious and fulfilled.
    May you go into the night blessed, sheltered and protected.
    May your soul calm, console and renew you.

    ~ by john o'donohue

  2. You made me smile. I have a painting that I painted with Anna Akhmotva poem in mind. I really like this poem. It is really interesting to see the different interpretations we have come up with. Should I ever get a second to breath, I will post a pic on my blog so you can see. Your own words, as always are beautiful.

  3. words and the work both evoke ahhhhhhhh's. just gorgeous

  4. Your post and marks complement tea; a perfect combination indeed.

  5. Oh Anca, this just downright teases me…I just nearly spilt my tea!

  6. i wonder if you can hear my oohs and ahhs all the way from Australia? Beautiful combinations there Anca. Burnt transparencies - mmmmmm. Love it all.

  7. hahahaha look at this link sure you'll like it!

  8. I just found your blog and I love it!! Gorgeous! I'm a follower now.

  9. i find this so captivating, daring, eye catching. thank you.