Wednesday, April 25, 2012

weathered. beautiful.

 i put on the boots,
opened my eyes,
and started walking.

 magic unfolds
from unexpected places.

the weak, beat up,
torn, broken, chipped,
discarded, rusted, abandoned,
weathered things
of the world
shame the rich,
the complex, the brand new.
unspeakable beauty
is to be found
in the dust.
and dust we are.

the trail of beauty
led me to a door.
the door opened into
a quiet space.
a space for letting go.
for resting.
for being.
a space of freedom
to find
the beauty

i will share more about this space.  soon.


  1. Beautiful Anca. I have a thing or two about walls. Do you have a pinterest account? I think it might just be up your street.

    1. oh, my, is it breathtaking! thank you for sharing! i don't have an account (can't afford to spend any more time online than i already am), but i do have a tumblr space that acts similarly for inspiration.

  2. Tell me you take photos of the ground as well? Of weathered and cracked crosswalks perhaps? Of wooden steps so worn from use that the layering of the paint creates intricate patterns? Just curious...

  3. you have a fabulous 'eye' - wonderful :)

    1. it's what happens when we open our eyes
      to the 'mundane'.

  4. you are so sensitive to the details of living...lovely. a gentle heart and hand touches these surfaces

  5. oh
    I love
    following your wabi sabi wanderings
    you have a special eye...

    many thanks,

    xox - eb.

  6. Glad you took us on your wanderings. Such beautiful images, Anca!

  7. Beautiful images from the every day objects we tend to over look.
    Thanks for your comment on my work.

  8. I am into wabi sabi... weathered, worn, torn, rusty, dusty.. and your images here fit in perfectly.