Wednesday, April 18, 2012

playing with textures

out of work at my part time job
(yep, when i'm not painting, 
i'm painting)
which means no money
and plenty of studio time.
large scale abstract textured work
beckons me.
a 4'x8' piece for grand rapids' art prize
is in the making.
i have been saving egg shells
for months for this one.
working on a couple of other pieces
to add to my as-of-late-neglected etsy shop
as well.
it has been fun experimenting
playing with acrylic, latex,
coffee, tissue paper, egg shells,
pulling paper off wet paint
to discover wondrous patterns,
embedding random objects,
dipping, stretching, dripping...
it has also been
a bumpy ride.
dabbling in doubt
and feelings of inadequacy.
stuck, staring at the canvas
for eternities.
for this too, i am grateful
for i have the privilege
of being an artist.

what excites you
and haunts you 
in your work today?


  1. oh, how i love all the textures you have shared here. so beautiful and inspiring. i’m certain your final entry for the art prize will be a masterpiece.

    i understand (deeply) the emotional struggles that come with being an artist, creating something new, trying to bring a reality to vague (or not so vague) artistic yearnings.

    i am experiencing my own feelings of impatience, urgency, and swirling ideas. so much so that i can barely sit still. sometimes wisps of images come to me, and i don't know quite how to separate them (or combine them) enough to bring the design to fruition. currently, i have a very strong desire to create a certain piece. the vision is there, yet i can't figure out exactly how i shall go about doing it. so you see, dear friend, you are not alone...


    1. oh, dearest! so delighted by your visit!
      intrigued by your dream piece.
      i hope you are relishing the process,
      and perhaps share more of it
      on your lovely blog.

  2. That situation you are in is at once filled with freedom and anxiety, I'm sure. If you can relax into the play of the creative process, the fears can drop away at least temporarily. Thinking of you and wishing all good things to come from this time! Cheers!

    1. i know your wisdom comes
      with rich experience
      and it never ceases to inspire

  3. wow! i'd be terrified to tackle something 8'x4'... i'm working myself up to 8"x10" :)
    i just love all the textures in your work... and esp. the eggshells :)
    hope you'll share pics of some completed pieces...
    oh, and what haunts me?? that i never capture in reality the really good ideas/images i have in my head... *sigh*

    1. the journey is laced with fears
      that i work to unravel.
      i will share the completed pieces
      as well as in progress work.
      don't you think
      there is beauty to be found
      in the way reality
      touches and transforms
      our ideal work?
      the beauty in the imperfections
      of the human hand.

    2. well, i'm struggling to see it, frankly, having posted the finished poetry piece today... my cack-handedness with paper, paint, and glue, and my frustratingly bad left-handed writing... *sigh*
      i feel the poetry soooo deeply (and perfectly), but the outer representation is such a poor expression of the feeling... to me, it's ALL too imperfect... *a deeper sigh*

  4. Anca, your texture play is amazing! These images cause me to look closer. I even found myself reaching up to touch them (ha, through the computer screen doesn't work!). Your work inspires me.

    excites: that I'm playing again
    haunts: I wish I'd been more serious with my work when I was younger

    1. oh, carole, your words
      so sweet and kind
      nudge me into hope.
      excited that you're
      enjoying play time
      again! don't fret
      about the past.
      it made you exactly
      the lovely artist
      you are today.

  5. love your textures and subdued.. almost white colors. And self doubts spur artists on to experiment and explore and search for their voice.

    1. oh, white! i can never get enough of it.
      so we shall continue to dance
      with doubt and exploration.