Sunday, January 15, 2012

a short list of inspiring visual poetry

being down with the cold and subsequent sinus infection turns out to be not entirely devoid of excitement.  allow me to share a brief list of wonderful video discoveries. 

if you have:

1 minute:  watch the behind the scenes from valentino's spring 2012 campaign.   feminine.  dreamy.  delightfully lacy.

10 minutes:  witness sylvie guillem be marvelous in this mats ek ballet with music by arvo part.  intimate.  expressive.  graceful.  moving.

100+ minutes:  see this extraordinary film.  castaway on the moon is the best story i've watched in a long time.  part social commentary.  part romantic adventure.  thoughtful.  visually delectable.  filled to the brim with hope.

any lovely discoveries you've made of late?

photo via valentino


  1. lovely discoveries? yes indeed, this blog for one...

  2. no words. just a huge silly grin. :)