Friday, January 6, 2012

in their pyjamas eating toast

i am working on putting together a regular friday feature, a series of quick interviews with strong creative confident women that inspire me.

in the meantime, let's talk about tilda swinton.  i love this woman!

she exudes a quiet joyful confidence while being completely open about the her own sinuous journey of self discovery.  she is boldly herself, a timeless true beauty outside of trends.  magnificent facing the boringly uniform critics.  humble facing the accolades of well-earned success.  a hard worker who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

she says this about her work: “i am a soldier.  i lead a soldier’s life when i’m working. that’s how it feels to me, except i’ve got a slightly greater chance of survival.”

she established her own film festival, “the ballerina ballroom cinema of dreams”, with dirt-cheap tickets, beanbags for seating and free admission to those bringing a tray of fairy cakes.

this woman is a muse.

“another magazine” published an article on her a couple of years ago.  it mentions the environment she is creating for her family.  this quote makes me cry every time:
“one of tilda’s many ideas about having the big house in nairn was that people would come and be around; interesting people for her kids to meet. like a salon, i suppose. it’s peaceful out there but often at weekends there’s a whole variety of people. it’s quite variable and chaotic. there’s no television. you can get a lot done and you’re in very pleasant company. it’s never boring. the guy who does their decorating is fantastic, really interesting to talk to. you’ve got a huge continuum of people who may or may not be high powered in the outside world, but you don’t know because everybody’s just in their pyjamas eating toast. which is how you should meet people.”
everybody’s just in their pyjamas.
eating toast.

with everything that i make, that is what i’m working towards.  thank you for the inspiration, tilda.  you’re wonderful!

photo by murdo mcleod via


  1. i love this post!
    i love everything tilda does :)
    and i love being in my pjs :)
    i just bought these in the sale and they're wonderful, REAL pyjamas!!

    1. claire! so glad you stopped by, kindred spirit! love the pjs! wishing you much unpressured time while wearing them! ;)